Auto Mining or Resourcing

I was thinking an Autominer would be nice. A placeable building that mines resources. Idea is you put it down where there is say Iron. The building looks to see how many nodes are in its range and mines them over time. More nodes in range, more resources. The miner has 4 slots for thrulls. One for a taskmaster that speeds up resources and reduces “Food” Cost. Three slots for “Miners”. Miners can be either Fighters or Rocknose that have yet to be placed in the world. Tier of thrull determines special resources that can pop such as Gold or Silver or Rocknose Eggs. Mine runs off of “Food” and tools. Tier of tool determines how much resources are harvested. So a Black Ice Pick will harvest much more than an Iron pick. Food can be what would normally be used in the Wheel of Pain with Rocknose eating Stone. So using the mine uses up tools (repairable), food, thrulls and produces resources. These resources can be stolen in PvP. Different tiers of mine can have larger storage, more thrulls, higher chance for rare resources. Region the mine is in can change its output as well.
A companion to the mine would be a lumber camp. Same ideas on it makes wood, bark and Dry wood or resin depending on area with the animal equivalent being an Elephant.
A balance for these would be making them a high target for purges.

I have do vote no. It is not hard to get what you need just farming it.


I don’t see the point? Go and get it?

We got thralls and Pets who carry.

Inless they were killable… it be abit OP? Large Clans who already got massive intakes of items, would just stock pile more.

I pretty much picture showing up to a spot, and finding 30+ of them places by alpha clan… with 30x4 thralls running about… Yikes. XD

Or maybe a wooden crate? Each version had rocks, iron, plant fiber, berries etc in it. Assign a Thrall (who takes up a slot) who roams out to collect. Killable… so making sure there geared, cost abit of inventory space.

Then again… I need more reasons to leave my home…

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Farming is really, really easy once you learn the ropes. With the proper attributes and tools, you can get insane amounts of resources. I would suggest exploring the game further.

Even if I agreed with automated harvesting – and I don’t, because it would wreck what little balance this game has – applying it to stone, wood, iron, gold and silver would be pointless, because they’re neither rare, nor hard to get, and therefore not very valuable.


ARE YOU AFTER MY HEART? :slight_smile:
Because I think we all know how I feel about the economy of resources on the officials.

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