Auto repair station counter offline raiding

Well it would make fights more interesting then they are presently. A few bombs offline, you win, loot, and they rebuild, just move on, and/or quit the server. You rarely get to fight player to player at times, so it is just pve at that point. Player versus walls and foundations.

This way they have to fight you player to player if for nothing else than to keep you from restocking your repair for raid time. They will have to fight you unless they keep piling on more and more people to siege your base. This doesn’t stop the often huge advantage of numbers it does midigate it some especially if the balance is correct on the repair rate of the benches.

I like the approach…maybe the station only works if no clan member is online. Meaning if a player is on, then no auto repair. Just trying to figure the level of difficulty for coding though.

Maybe a better similiar is If no clan member is online, then the hp of building items goes up x20…meaning 1 wall is now 2,000,000 HP. this would give effect of what fence stacking did, and make it more expensive to offline raid. Use the DbD cool down mechanic for control of exploiters who would log off mid raid.

and to avoid the farm and hide tactic (not ever being online during raid times), make it .5 harvest rate during non raid hours, and 4x during. This means of you play during raid hours you farm 8x as much as the hiding farmers. This only affects farming, meaning the pce content is more for non raid times, farming and pvp duringbraid times.

I see no reason for this to matter as sieging a base should not be easy. There is a reason they call it a “stronghold” and not a “weakhold” . You farmed your resource to fill the bench and that was the cost for the protection now the pvpers need to spend effort to break the defenses or kill you before you can refill for later or during the fight.

Remember this is to prevent offlining of bases and promote player vs. player fights. You have thralls repairing so you can take the fight to your enemies outside the base. Your thralls would have no reason to stop doing your bidding during the fight.

The current system allows even more than that. They have to fight you while you’re online, period. Just need


Set in your ServerSettings.ini file.

We have been down this road, though, as this solution only works on some servers not all.

Remember for beginners and others officials are the first impression of the game and some the last (If they decide this game is not for them or the money they spend) . Officials represent the base multiplayer game. Many and I am included in this see the base game as the benchmark for the game with everything else added benefit or features to take or leave of the game experience.

I kinda like adding thrall to it force base design, give barren hp.

So you need to construct path ways in your base so thrall can repair it.

Ladders(added already :smiley: ), handrails, and other pathways you mean?

Your solution is to code up an entirely new system.

Mine is changing a word in a text file. Which if they’re not going to do, or taking a long time. What makes you think they would do this thread’s suggestion any quicker?

Maybe I misunderstood you ? Are you saying to change all servers setting ini files ? You can not change an offical servers settings as a player.

Also dbd is bugged or had other issues still for PvP Offical servers.

From what I’ve read, they were looking for information from private servers running it. The issue there is most private servers that run PVP don’t need it. So that info is slow coming.

Dbd is your fully protected from being offline, all u have to do log off hour before raid times.

Then only semi solve that problem have 24 hour raid time but problem with that you have two clans working to gather. To have indestructible base.

If u have map room you never need use of door just bring thrall when your done give your stuff to thrall and then die. Your thrall will eventually respawn back.

So there is no way stop that.

So they could just release it so that the servers that will also be expected to use it get to have a chance , also. Players are players and it matters little to none if it is on a private or official server.

It also seems there is no real hurry to get dbd ready anyway as they have had months already. I think the OP’s idea and dbd would work together. Like I said earlier defense, especially offline defense, has no equivalent to the bomb that attack currently has and the repair bench would go some way to miitgate this .

Turn raid time to 24/7.

This is how it works in other games with offline protection. You simply make it so raid time is anytime someone is logged in. This isn’t a complex issue.

The only issue you run into is someone waiting for someone to log off and trying to raid in the short window. I’ve had this happen to me but factored that into building. So lost nothing.

It works in other games, it works in Conan. You all just need to pester them to turn it on, or play on another server that does.

This maybe one of the issues they are working out, but without word from Funcom we do not know this for sure. In the meantime there is no reason why the repair table could not also be added . Players fight and their thralls help them in the fight in their with and in their roles.

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