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Mod auto-downloader
You’ve asked for it and it has finally happened: the mod auto-downloader is available for testing in the Testlive build! If you’re running a Testlive server with Testlive compatible mods, your players will get a pop-up when they try to join that will automatically start downloading mods. The client will then shut down and restart with the mods installed.

If I try to join a server with mods and I have no mods, will this feature download mods without permission?
Is there a clear way to tell which servers are modded and which mods are being used?

If mods are allowed on test servers, how can we know if the problems are from the game or from the mod?


The mods must be Testlive compatible. If there are private Testlive servers with mods you can be sure that these Servers will function.


Can be disabled in settings.


I do not want 3rd party software on my game. If the servers are going to auto download 3rd party software without giving the option to stop before it starts, I will avoid servers.


There are 2 lines on the client you have to enable under settings\gameplay in order to enable auto download of mods.


I haven’t tried to connect to any servers in testlive, but I don’t imagine it’d be much different from the live build.


I tried to test the download tool this evening but obviously there are no Testlive servers with mods at the moment. :tired_face:
@Shadoza A mod is not a third party software. It is made with the same software the game was made using the same content or the same tools to create new content which is 100% compatible with the game. Modders are very talented people mostly programmers or coders or 3D Artists, which are having a lot of fun to create additions to this game. Funcom made Modding possible for Conan Exiles and is heavily supporting these Modders. You are invited to join the Modders Discord. It’s a very creative place and you can learn a lot about this game:


I thank you for the invitation; however, I am not interested in running mods in this game.

A mod is a 3rd party software because it is created and controlled by a party that is neither the vendor nor the consumer.

I do not believe that mods are 100% compatible as they often, too often, create problems with the original programing.

I am sure that those that create mods are as nice and as talented as those that do not; I am not interested in using their product and am concerned that the game may force a download that I do not desire.

I hope the option is defaulted to off so that players do not get downloads they are not wanting.


There are checkboxes you have to enable ( provided in the screenshots by bijay), and a list of mods for the server before you join it (it’s always been like this).


Perhaps it should be more pronounced as I never noticed a check box.
Good that it is defaulted to off.


It was added in testlive, as shown in the screenshot provided by bijay.


Shadoza: Originally it was a screenshot provided by @Multigun :innocent: I only used it to explain, that you won’t be forced to download additions to the game (you call it third party software), which are supported by Funcom or particularly developed with the help of the game Devs themselves.


Are mods third-party software? Good question. I’d say they’re not “software” in the normal sense of the word, since they can’t be run or used on their own, but they are of course (and by definition) third-party.

Anyway, the auto-mod-downloader - when finalized - will be the single greatest addition to the game since… ever? I mean I am not likely to make use of it currently, barely having time to keep up with decay timers on a single server, but it’ll truly be a god-send for server owners and users curious about mods alike.


Mods are only able to interact with the game assets. They cannot modify game base code nor can they modify things outside the game assets.

The worst thing a mod can do is put an image up in game of something offensive (steam takes these things down as they are found), or load in dummy assets to make the game crash. The latter case is easy to fix, simply disable the mod and relaunch the game.

One suggestion I would give to Funcom on this feature is to ensure that a confirmation upon joining a modded server gives details on how many mods there are, which mods they are, and their filesize. This would ensure at the least a QoL experience as I highly recommend against playing on servers with more than 5-6GB of mods. Unless of course Funcom fixes the loading issue for players joining a server.


This info is on the wiki already guys :joy:


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