Autowalk + Encumbrance

Single player - no mods
test-live 03.03.2020

On test live if you drop your encumbrance below 100% you continue walking with autowalk instead of automatically change to running. This behavior is different on current live build.

To reproduce:

  1. load inventory above 100% to induce encumbrance
  2. engage autowalk
  3. open inventory while autowalk is on
  4. dump some inventory to lower encumbrance below 100%
  5. close inventory
  6. take note you are still walking instead of running like you would on current live build

Work around is to turn off autowalk and re-enable autowalk.
[Speculation] - Not sure if this is an issue with the changes made on the 18.02.2020 patch note regarding changes made to sprinting persisting while mounting/dismounting a horse.

Side note I found animation changes made when entering water with a torch active(no horse). I tested with various torches/glowstick seems to be working, as i would expect, entering and exiting water.

Fall damage is not working correctly on live or test-live not sure if this is being looked at.

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Thanks for the feedback @Exiled1, it’s been relayed to our team.

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