Avatar damage drawbridge damage bugged

godding on official servers causes virtually no damage to enemy base. ymir axe did 100 damage to T3 doorway. that’s it. not a single building piece destroyed.

standing on my drawbridge nothing can kill me. I take no damage except from poison.

overall the game seems to punish skill and reward laziness. I can spend hours getting raid mats. once inside a base the enemy can just grab all his loot and log off. that’s broke. raiding in general too difficult. 4 bombs to destroy T1 foundation? crazy! 4 hours trebbing a T2 base and not getting much out of it as most of base still intact. treb damage needs to go up. avatar damage non existant. all enemies in a small base and they all survived ymir. orbs best raiding tool and they are heavy. also y cant I use a weapon to destroy things like beds and furniture? one damage per hit on these things is ridiculous.

crippling effects don’t last long enough. in pvp enemies who are losing can run. if im skilled enough to chuck and axe or javelin into their legs they slow for a fraction of a second then speed back up. my skill level is punished. my efforts to raid are punished. if im about to land a killing blow enemy can log to save himself. again my skills are punished.

official servers feel like Farmville not conan.

everyone except me runs silent legion. every enemy player is the same. maybe silent legion too op. id like to see some variety in the other players.

players can spam foundations all over the place or pillars and claim or deny a ton of space. these pieces don’t ever decay. is decay broken?

combat system is fun. please fix the raiding. please make player bodies stay on for at least 15min after they log so they cant cheat me from my prize. please increase crippling effects. bleed and poison seem good. maybe the rest need some help.

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