Avatar damage question for official pvp server

Hello all,
For pvp ofiicial servers, do the avatar damage work fine or is it bugged atm?
just tried the damages at singleplayer server but after summoning all avatars, vault’s health was 595k/600k.

We are currently looking into re-balancing them. The community felt they were too powerful when we first introduced them but now they seem to be too weak. If something gets reported, we’ll look into it and that is the case with the avatars as well :slight_smile:

Actually they are bugged, especially the Set one, or it’s avatar defense which isn’t working. Have no idea, but nothing is changed for weeks…

Set who wipe T3 in a matter of seconds isn’t weak :slight_smile:

Yeah, we also have Set noted down as being too strong compared to the other avatars

tried the Yog, gave 8k damage to vault and maximum 1k damage to t3 walls, tried set and nothing left after the first attack :slight_smile: fyi…

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