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Todays questions about avatars. Say you have priest and mats to upgrade altars\make them. How fast do you grind the kills needed from 0? I managed to watch 3 full movies, and i feel slow af…

I play on isle of siptah if that matters much in terms of speed.

One of the vaults, either gremlin or goblin can’t remember but it’s the the southern one of the two, gives a sigil that increases the yield on your first harvest. This will allow you to harvest 3 instead of one of the associated religious harvests.

Total yield will vary, some of the religion tools harvest meat too and if this happens the sigil bonus won’t apply because the meat is often harvested first.

Outside of that you just have to run camps killing NPCs because I’m assuming you play on PvP where summoning a tier 0 surge will get you killed most likely.

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Thanks man! Yes i play on pvp. I didnt know about the sigil thing tho, thank you for this. Gonna check it out!

Also thanks for fast reply, wasnt sure to expect answers at all;)

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