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i have a dt that has the complete fearless souls set 2 raid finder rings t6 weapons and necklace and my stats are not what they should be i,m not getting the armor critigation i,m supposed to be when i switch specs i have taken off all my gear and soft logged and then came back and put all my gear back on but it has,nt fixed it or changed it this is a major problem for my dt since i,m not able to use my dt like it is supposed to be used i can,t hold aggro and i can,t dps like i,m should be able to with the gear i have because all my stats are constantly bugged no matter what spec i switch too please i hope and pray that some one can help me figure this out and get it fixed so i can play my dt and continue enjoying the game i don,t know what else to do deleting it is out of the question i have too much time invested in this toon and i have worked way to hard to get the gear i have to delete it i hope to find away to get it fixed and keep what i have not sure what else to do other than not play it

I’m very sorry to hear your character’s stats aren’t appearing at the expected values in-game.

At this time, there are no known issues which would prevent a character’s stats from being calculated correctly from gear. I would advise you submit an in-game petition (using the “/petition” command in your chat window) so that a Game Master can take a look at your character directly in-game. We can then provide more specific advice or assistance, depending on our findings through your petition.

If you’re using a custom interface, resetting to the default would also help ensure that no display errors are preventing you from seeing the correct values in-game.

i did that and i talk to you about it yesterday and i did what you suggested and it did,nt fix it its still the same even after me unistalling the custom ui the stats are still showing the same

Oh! I see - I apologize for not recognizing your name immediately. I remember speaking to you, now. :slightly_smiling_face:

If you’re still not able to see the stats at their correct values, you should visit us at funcom.com/help and submit an email support ticket so that we can escalate you to a specialist for further assistance. Your character’s stats are definitely being calculated correctly on our end, though.