Avatars are back!

Is there anyone have any info on what is the requirement on summoning an Avatar and God protection bubble?

T3 altar + archpriest or named and 500 zeal

And this is confirmed or this was the requirement before avatars were removed?

What about god protection?

I’ll be doing a test tonight i hope. Have to insure my clan on PS4 can survive a night of war without me.

Confirmed to be the same as before. At least when I logged into test-live yesterday.

Also confirmed to be the same as before.

Thank you for the info

I haven’t played this game long enough to know but what resources we need to summon an avatar or every religion is different?

You need to use the religious tool from whichever altar you are using to harvest the souls of human npc corpses. Each religion has its own tool, and you will receive one “soul” per npc.

For example, using a Yog cleaver to harvest a body will give you one unblemished human meat. You would put this in your Yog altar to make purified human flesh, which would also craft one manifestation of zeal in your altar. Manifestations of zeal cannot be taken out of an altar, they must be used in an altar to craft items. If I recall correctly, you need 500 manifestations to summon a god or place a protection bubble.

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all religions have the same requirements , but each has their own “skinning knife” crafted at the altar that when use on human corpse will give you a " spirit unit " ( for yog it’s ourified flesh , and set a human heart ect … ) also with this you’ll have to craft something in order to “transform” this “spirit unit” into zeal , and on this part religions aren’t exactly on par with eah other ( yog you only need the flesh but for derkheto you’ll need 10 handfull of bug ect … ) also how easy it is to get an arch/named priest will differ on the religions (with derkehto being the hardest to find , and mitra/set the easiest to find / a derkheto arch is grindier than a named of those two religions )

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You know what, I’m happy they’re coming back for officials if thats what people want. Yet on my server, they will remain disabled…

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Yes my dude, bring the gods back. Im excited to see how useless they are, but happy they are making a return after so many months.

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