Avatars are way overpowered (Sulution inside)

So on every PvP server now everyone is just nuking everone with avatars. This is now the new meta.
Why the avatar / gods were brought back in the first place, exactly as OP as before, I don’t know.

You can upgrade your temple to T3 (when it shows on map) and then instantly start making you avatar token. Then one hour later it spawns in your inventory and you can use it instantly. You do not have to travel with it in your inventory as i belive was inteded.

SO; If you upgrade your altar 1 hour before you are about to wipe someone, then start the process of making the avatar, and then run and hide - or build an avatar base in a tree for instance - you can instantly pop it right on top of the enemy base. Without them having a chance to defend.

So @Community at Funcom. If this totally overpowered new meta is your ruling, could you atleast make some official servers without avatars for those of us who enjoy PvP? Almost every PvP server is now dead anyway, so rename a few to PvP without Avatars?


And just some additional info: One avatar destroys everything inside a base except for vaults, which takes 3 avatars. But you loose every chest, every workstation, bed/bedrolls…well…you guessed it. Everything.

A fix for avatars should be each attack does x x x damage. Not MAX DAMAGE to ALL. But a avatar-rework i got a feeling is years away, so in the meantime; Official Non-Avatar Servers. That should take like…30 mins? A few new / fresh servers would be a welcome sight anyways.

This post is not about me whining about beeing wiped. I’ve been wiped and killed in pvp more times that i can count. Thats part of the game, and what maks pvp exiting. It’s just the way this is now the new meta. It’s all about keeping you bubble up and cheesing your enemies base with an avatar before they do it to you. It’s just boring and timeconsuming - and the time invested is not beeing repayed in fun-ness (yes, thats a word) when everyone is just wiping everyone’s stuff with avatars.

The game now comes down to hiding an altar, upgrading it 1h before you attack, then make a platform in a tree or something near the base you want to demolish and wait until you get the avatar token right in your inventory.

No skill. No fun. And bloody time-consuming.



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Greetings @Jengster,

Thank you for your concern.

We’ll forward your suggestion to the team. :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Especially the part of the Official Non-Avatar Servers please. I got a feeling you got could THIS up and running pretty fast, @Mayra ?

That would be a nice easter-present!

  • Make one today maybe ? Yes yes? :=)

How about no. Avatars are the only way for solos/small clans to fight back alphas


Yep, I’ve seen a one person Yog just melt the alpha clan’s base while they were all online. I also don’t see a need to change it.

I also play solo.


So a 10-man clan should be wiped by a solo guy because they are all off line for 3 minutes?
A 10 man clan should be able to totally wipe a solo player off the map because he is not in his base for 3 minutes? Even though if this solo player spent months building his base? POOF GONE?

The destruction is just too big. It takes an hour to farm a archpriest and 3-4 hours to farm the hearts. Then you can use this to instantly wipe whoever you want off the map, destroying all their chests and workstations with thralls inside. This also applies to fighterthralls. Wiping up to 100 level 20 thralls of the map aswell. Deleting 100x3 = 300 hours worth of work for a player or clan with ONE avatar.

Its redicules.

This only results in everyone on an active pvp server needing to farm 500 hearts and pop bubble every other day. And it’s just a fight of who nukes who first.I got the feeling @Dzonatas and @Kilix you are not playing on a 40/40 pvp server? Because if you did you would not want this as it is. Of that I’m sure.

And again; This is not about my crying a bout a wipe. It’s the concept that a 4-5 hour play session (attacker) can wipe 500 hours of hard work for any player instantly -seeing as how the token pops up in your inventory 60mins after crafting of avatars start. You can just wait. On top, bellow or on the side of your enemies base and check the timer with TAB to see if they are home that second.

Game breaking. That’s what it is for an active server.

I agree with your points. Gods are way overpowered, but so are God Bubbles.

The biggest problem I see is that God Bubbles are difficult for solo players to keep active daily, but for big alphas it’s a breeze. PSA: Best way to defend your base as a solo on a crowded server is stack the crap out of it, and put 2 T3 Mitra shrines in your base. On your farming days during the week, gather a ton of brim and stone and meter it out for statues of guidance to keep both altars producing zeal. When you have about 1K zeal on one altar, craft a god bubble and put it on a timer. PAUSE THE CRAFTING of the God Bubble with less than a minute remaining, then DO NOT TOUCH the altar again unless someone is trying to summon an avatar, or you need a bubble, then unpause the craft. By pausing the craft you will be able to throw up a god bubble in a few minutes or less as opposed to an hour. While the 1st altar is holding your bubble at the ready, use your 2nd altar for crafting to build up zeal. After you use the first bubble, ready the next bubble on your 2nd altar and stagger them. Key Takeaway: You can pre-craft your god bubble. So it is possible to stagger to altars to more easily keep your protection.

Better than the hell that we had for an entire year while gods were disabled. When alphas were untouchable and unraidable and could do whatever they wanted. Those times are gladly over

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That pause trick is almost useless now that you can spawn the god token into your inventory wherever you may be. Then you can litterary instant-pop it and whack whoever you want. They wont’ get out of the base in time before you wreck them, even if they discover it (which is unlikely)

I liked close-to-untouchable alphas better than everyone having a full wipe button

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