Avatars on PVE Servers


On the Official PVE servers it is possible to invoke the avatar. When this is done, the temple is destroyed with everything inside - including the priest.

Question: It’s possible to destroy other players’ constructions with this avatar?

Only possible to destroy other players builds with avatars in PvP. There are ways to destroy player buildings in PvE but they are unreliable and often more trouble than they’re worth.

Does it destroy your own building as well as temple?

I have e few ready to go and am happy to lose the temple and priest but not the building they are in.

Nope avatar does nothing for PVE.

They do not have any real role in PVE. Corruption is similar since we will not get sorcery either so its just hang on they have not removed in PVE.

PVP however I remember in EA players had like 200 god coins a night to use due to duping at one point. - nothing was left standing after that on the server.

Wasn’t really going to destroy anything. Maybe stomp a dragon or something.

More so just for everyone on the server to come and have a look.

Just want to make sure I don’t wreck my own stuff.

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