Avatars - suggested tweaks

As Avatars are being re-awoken it seems, thoughts/comments on
I wonder what the reception to Avatars would have been if they were not as huge and were more double or triple player size. That they acted like a temporary, glorified Follower that would auto head out in front of the Player that summoned it, to do battle. Instead of wiping whole bases, it did smaller area-damages to structures, etc. kinda like a portable trebuchet.

This way they would still break through walls and the like, but would require the Summoner to be more involved (at risk) and would look really cool out in front of a Clan advance. Make the Avatar look the same, glow-in-the-dark and do all the sparkly stuff or have lightning bolts and mist, unicorns and fluff, blood trails and rot, angelic hosts, etc. but not completely overwhelm the game.


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