AVOID [FR] Nemedia-Officiel [PVP] XP:x5/Farm:x3 Wipe:17/05


Greetings I would like to warn people of this server

[FR] Nemedia-Officiel [PVP] XP:x5/Farm:x3 Wipe:17/05

I was out scouting bases last night and found a potential raid worthy base in t2. So I checked the discord for the immunity rules, something this server had on top of the raiding at 4-11pm each night server setting. So I checked the date and time and it stated clearly 48 hour protection for the following tribes, each one time stamped and dated. 3:48pm on the sunday 20th may. So I go to attack at 4pm on 22nd of may (just after the 48h protection period). I log in on the 23rd and got banned. I asked on discord about it and them to explain, lots of immature kids typing lol you raid during immunity the normal immature crowd with no brain cells to match. So yeah you have to be really careful which server you pick. Massive time investment in these games and all of a sudden banned because some moron behind a keyboard can’t math.
The server I spoke about is [FR] Nemedia-Officiel [PVP] XP:x5/Farm:x3 Wipe:17/05 and I would highly suggest NOT going to that server even those the rates felt perfect for me.