(AVOID) Realm of the Banished

Apparently my last post was “too insulting”, so here’s the “criticizing and discussing” version for the snowflakes:


Type: PvE + PvP weekends (no one PvP’s due to “respecting each other’s builds”)

Events: Yes (always seem to get cancelled)

Build Limits: 20x20 (25x25 if you have external wall) (exception: clan Targaryan may build as many and as large as they’d like, see the “super base” west of the Lost City)

Atmosphere: Friendly (until you say something clan Targaryan doesn’t like)

PvP rules: No full wiping of bases (exception: clan Targaryan has admin permission to harass people until they leave “willingly”)

Do yourself a favor and just avoid this server altogether.

When your post starts by calling people names like “snowflakes” really takes out all credibility you have. Just move on plenty of servers out there.

Please keep all comments civil.