Awesome pve pc server!

Kingdom of Atham - MMORPG - 4X - AoC - Alot more

English & French Admin available!


1- Town with economy system (40+ merchant’s!)
2- Arena for PvE event’s!
3- Weekly Quest offer (Black keep incoming)
4- World boss’s
5- Dungeon’s (Lost Temple)
6- Special donator shop
7- Weekly giveaway’s!
8- Active Admin’s
9- Dedicated rule’s for server stability!

New collection for KoA mod’s

Growing community come and feel welcome in a fantasy world were
we are all equal and we all help each other!!!

If you have any questions feel free to ask in discord myself or an admin should respond fairly quickly!

Just a heads up about a bad server owner.

Now This is NOT about BOTH server owners Just one and I will NOT be giving out names. This is just to let people know NOT to attack anyone or berate the server, its players, or the admins/owners.

The server itself is very fun to play on but my clan was banned from their discord and our base was deleted from the server for just asking questions about the rules that were Updated less than 24 hours. Once we understood what the rule we were annoyed so we left to play another game and thats when the owner messaged one of us and asked if our base needed to be removed (He was in the bathroom as we were switching games and it was a good time to take a break) before he was able to reply our base was gone.

After I was able to get back onto the discord (before we were banned from it) to ask the admins why our base was gone and They got the owner who stated "I’m sick of people not understanding the rules or trying to find a way to make their bases larger than the limit (its 40x40x20 for clans of 3+ That is also not just the for the building but all buildings must be within 40x40x20 area) and was planning on just removing or banning as he was just done with it all.

Now again the server itself is VERY fun and has an amazing community except for the owner.

If the server owner does find this as i cant contact anyone as i was banned from discord and the server Even tho my group wasn’t going to play anymore Didn’t mean I myself wasn’t going to play solo. so I cant even do that now.