Baal pteor lodestone related question

from my knowledge… please do correct me if i am wrong…
how come that this hammer behaves and is used at the speed of a normal 2 handed hammer, slow as crap, when it has the weight of a dagger and should behave accordingly? because 0 weight = fast as lightning and not slow as hell. unless oyu guys planned on making a dagger that has the weight of a 2 handed hammer and deal no dmg lol's_Lodestone

well… the sledgehammer has no weight so basicly out of common sense it should be this way.
if a truck has the weight of a feather its easy to swing and fast…if a pillow has the weight of an avil you wont swing it 20 times in a row for the heck of it

i wanna see what a 53 dmg 2 handed hammer with an attack speed of a dagger.

[edited] because now it makes more sense

Actually, a hammer with a weight of 0 should be very fast to swing and it should also do no damage. An object’s momentum is measured as its mass multiplied by its velocity.

my hand weights nothing yet when i swing it at someone theres always some form of violent dmg xD yeah i do have fun with simple things

it’s not something i’m holding so… it’s weightless xD and yeah it brings alot of issues back up xD
my biggest issue right now is the rag doll effect from skyrim… i managed to knock crocodile boss in noob area from one side of the lake and it landed at the bottom of the lake and i was using a 2handed sword on 1516

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