Backlash prevents Rock Hard shield

@Szalord and I discussed this at some length in the Discord bugs channel. It appears that if the Backlash shield is on you, no matter how strong it is it will prevent Rock Hard from shielding you even if Rock Hard woudl be the larger shield. To make matters worse, the game will give you the yellow health bar like you have a shield and the combat log will state (absorbed) for Rock Hard, but it is NOT absorbed. It is in fact going straight to your health.

Edit: Ok. I’m informed that I slightly misrepresented the bug. @Szalord can correct me. :stuck_out_tongue: The end result is still the same though. Dead through Rock Hard (Thick Skin) when you shouldn’t be.

That might explain why i sometimes get 1hit by a 25k hit, which should have passed through my Rock Hard barrier, but seemingly ignored it.

See accurate details of the bug explained here:

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Who casts 2 barriers at once?

I think you missed the entire point, but since you don’t seem to be aware, barriers can run out by getting hit hard enough. That’s sort of the point. Then you use a new one.

It doesn’t matter if you have the barrier still or not. The protection buff remains on you until the timer runs out and that’s enough to cause the problem above.

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