Backstory: Boreas "Nordavind" Aquilon


smurfstomper@kneedeepinfilth:~$ ssh nordavind@terminal173.recordsvault.sec

nordavind@terminal173.recordsvault.sec’s password: ****************
Please provide biometric verification at local terminal...
Verified. Welcome Nordavind.

nordavind@terminal73:~$ mysql -u nordavinddb -p
nordavind@terminal73:~$ **********************
Welcome to the MySQL monitor.
| Database 
| nordavind_dossier 
| nordavind_mission_reports 
| nordavind_recruitment 
WARNING! Databases corrupted.
mysql> exit

nordavind@terminal73:~$ mkdir /tmp/smurf
nordavind@terminal73:~$ cd /tmp/smurf
nordavind@terminal73:/tmp/smurf$ wget* --quiet
nordavind@terminal73:/tmp/smurf$ ghostsql -recovery -decrypt|mysql -u nord -p
nordavind@terminal73:/tmp/smurf$ **********************

ghostsql>ghostgrep nordavind_dossier -readable
[...]quilon gave birth to a healthy baby boy on Octo[...]sisters and parents ar[...]g to be Boreas, making him named afte[...]

[...]unior football team play[...]ight wing Boreas Aq[...]

[...]tri berr-at maðr brautu at en sé mannvit mikit, auði betra þykkir þat í ókunn[...]

[...]in the ever escalating conflict in the former east european republic. Norway has dispatched several anti-aircraft artillery systems to prot[...]

[...]riefing further revealed that the remaining MSAM batteries were cluster fired manually by corporal Aquilon after the loss of both FDC and LASR sy[...]f the 12 total fired AIM-120 AMRAAMs hit enemy airborne targets, allowing for the time needed to eva[...]

[...]w hires in SkyDyne’s ACS (Advanced Computer Systems) division are Joakim Andersen, Nicolai Berger, and Boreas Aquilon. All of them will be working on backend systems for the new SOLAR proj[...]

[...]o new leads in the disappearance of the 32 year old Bore[...]

ghostsql>ghostgrep nordavind_recuitment -readable
[...]uit located. Agents dispatched for intercept to targets home addr[...]reas Aquilon. Mission codename: Nordavind. Beware of enem[...]

[...]port. Contact made with target codename Nordavind. Offer accepted. Should be expected at home office within the week. Will leave behind Tango team to discour[...]

[...]uy you sent to the armoury, you have to get us more of his kind. He came in, picked up a G3, fired a few rounds, threw a couple of P99s in his backpack and left after receiving his phone. Eyes of a frontliner that one, Sir. Reccomend putting him in Spea[...]

ghostsql>ghostgrep nordavind_mission_reports -readable
[ghosthack has detected traces of 3929 deleted entries. Unable to recover information. Proceeding.]

[...]idenote, I could have intervened, but Miss Tanaka had what was coming for her. She would have died either way. I may be a killer, that is a soldier's burden, but I avoid murder if I can. Yo[...]d for the Love Hotel. From what Pagan told me it is possible that there are Pho[...]

[...]CKING WITCH LILLIT[...]as the tool. What he is now, I am not sure. Still, he’s our best bet at get[...]

nordavind@terminal73:/tmp/smurf$ ghostclean -wipeall 20
nordavind@terminal73:/tmp/smurf$ exit
Connection to terminal173.recordsvault.sec closed
smurfstomper@kneedeepinfilth:~$ #IAMTSW

((To my fellow nerds, with knowledge of Linux and/or SQL: Please forgive me, I took some artistic liberties. For non-nerds, you’ll find the most interesting things in the green area, although, there are some hints in the commands given etc. that fills out more who Nordavind is.))

((All of the above is the original post/entry in the #IAMTSW contest. I am not much of a role player, but this is Nordavind’s backstory. Also, no green text in this forum, so I guess you’ll just have to read it all))


Very nice, i had a fun time reading it :slight_smile:


This is a really awesome and creative way to convey the backstory. I love it.