Bad bad lag cannot play

I have tried to log into my other character(my older one) and it takes a long time, saying that it is downloading missing information. But I have tried to log in 4 times now… and I cannot move and it has me in places that I am not in world…So I try to log in to my current character, same thing happens.

I been playing on and off all day with out issue and now, it is unplayable.

I restarted the game many times. Restarted ,my modem, did a speed test, no outages in my area that I know of… but I still cannot play, it is frustrating.

Oh she is fine as long as I stand there but once I try to move. OMG

Recently windows did a sneaky update on my PC without letting me know there was one to download or install. My partner also was having some lag issues in game yesterday and his PC also had a windows update.

Make sure also you have this box checked:
Full Client :white_check_mark:
Background Download Speed (up to full)
Use Dx9 (NOT Dx11)

(I am a client user so I am not sure where these options will be for Steam users)

Deleting all emails in the Auction House and having a clean inventory with no unused or useless items can help also. (The more you have the longer things take to load on your character)

There was a recent hotfix to fix an issue with the Valentines event
And given how inventory space works in SWL, I really wouldn’t be surprised if mass inventory management is causing the unholy lag right now.

I’m sure other people will offer more advices on their experience of helping reduce lag.

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If it’s downloading stuff you just gotta wait and let it do it’s thing if your framerate drops that much. Alternately, you could drop the download speed to the left of that slider. It’ll take longer to finish but if it let’s you move that’s still an improvement, right?

I think that was my issue, could have been the update. And Steam I know can have its’ own set of issues, I have had with another game. I am glad it is not the game. I keep my inventory low, a lot of weapons updating as I go. Thank you for your reply, glad I was not the only one having this issue.

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