Bad title for this Armorer

this guy too

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Stygian Taskmaster Apprentice is a bug, Blackmisth Nepta isn’t. It’s a named armorer and that’s her name, not the title.

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I see what you mean there… but I also think bug or not, the armor needs to be renamed.

Edit: I also am aware that a blacksmith can make weapons and armor in most realities, but for this game… blacksmith has always been the weapons bench.


Don’t get me wrong @sirvink but why should the Thrall Nepta be renamed? Is there any historic or idealogical problem with that name?
I know that there is a Car from Renault, named Nepta, also a Song with that name. But there also was once an Pharao called Siptah…

I would like to add this Stygian Taskmaster Apprentice [Smelter] seems to have a 100% spawn rate at the camp in M12.

Maeroth, it is confusing to have Blacksmith in the name an Armorer thrall. Nepta is just fine. It would be like finding a blacksmith thrall named “Armorer Bjorn”


Thank you for your reply


I think it is just as confusing that fighter thralls end up leveling accuracy and not strength and archers level strength instead if accuracy. Seems to follow suit tgat we now have a smelting taskmaster, and blacksmith moonlighting as an armorer. Perhaps we will get a cook for the wheel of pain next. :crazy_face:

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There is one more armorer called Oisun the Smith, you know.

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That I can see a little easier and most games I play have an armor smith and a black smith (or weapon smith)

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