Balance for solo vs tribes

A new feature called uncontrollable wild animal rage.

You tribes are op.

Rage increase running speed,walking speed,attacking speed and damage by 15%. However it’s decrease by 5% Per clan member. Big tribes are op. Solo players need a boost.

Another feature that should be added : Clan vs Clan Bonus

If your fighting a clan bigger than yours. You and and your clans stats increase by 2% per more clan members your fighting has. However if your fighting a clan smaller your clan bonus is 0.

Meaning bigger your clan vs enemy difference = Bonus or no bonus

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I’m currently in a clan with 10 members.
Implement the proposed system and everytime we attack or raid you, up to 9 out of 10 will just leave the clan and get invited again after the raid. Or we attack an equally big clan and do the same trick to boost our stats temporarily.

I get what you want but it’s hard to achieve. First of all it’s your personal decision to go solo. Second of all, there were ways to attack a stronger clan -> powerful avatars and no avatar defense.

What you actually can do right now is increase or decrease the damage clan members deal to each other.

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As a solo player, I wholeheartedly disagree with this.

Playing solo is a handicap I picked myself, because the advantages outweigh the disadvantages (for me). I’d much rather look at getting things like the decay timer extended (a bit) to allow solo players a more level playing field without impacting the actual game balance.

Also this. Not that I’m in a clan, but this is what would happen. If it can be exploited, it will be exploited.


Skills > Numbers

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Not always.

There’s three aspects to being successful in competitive multiplayer gaming. Especially in an open world setting like Conan. Those three aspects are:

What you know.
What you have.
Who you know.

What you know is what we commonly call ‘player skill’. It determines your personal skill at the game, reaction time, ability to learn new strategies, and your general experience of the game.

What you have is your equipment, character levels, and generally what you have access to. For Conan this is your character, your items, your thralls, and your bases.

Who you know is the network of players you have available to support you. This is your friends, your clanmates, and anyone playing with you that can help you achieve your goals.

You can have the best gear and be one of the best players in the game. But you will get trounced by anyone who brings 2-3 people who are just as well geared and somewhat decent at the game. The math just doesn’t end in your favor.

Of course having a bunch of lowbies attack well geared players even if they know how to play is going to end badly as well. And of course if they don’t know what they’re doing, its going to be a rout to say the least.

Its important to have those aspects in balance as best one can. Don’t simply rely on personal skill. You need leadership, charisma, and wit to be truly successful. Or at least have the ability and humility to follow one who does.

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I feel this wouldn’t be a good idea. I prefer to keep everyone on an equal playing field even if joining a clan can be advantageous. I play as an individual with no clan and because of this I try to make allies with other clans or groups and usually find even waring clans will both become my allies meaning I can effectively become untouchable by half the players in the server a lot of time.

It only takes a few friend requests and most players will accept then leave you be or even help the little guy out.
I choose to play the friendly neighbour and it seems to work on the most part. Its how I had two large castles (maybe largest in the server) nd only got raided by a handful of players. I have never had a large castle destroyed because of the way I interact with others.
I congratulate raiders at times and a couple times they messaged saying I could keep my castle because of it.

I agree with what @Taemien wrote above as how you play dictates your advantages and disadvantages.

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Bigger numbers x equal or similar skill > smaller numbers x equal or similar skill

lordwarblade shows a good way of utilizing Aspect #3.

Diplomacy goes a long way. In fact I love how the PVP in this game drives the RP servers. There is a distinct threat on PVP servers that you can simply not powergame your way out of situations, nor ignore other players.

You all would be surprised how far capitulation will get you. Most clans will accept tribute. Its easier to take a little now, than to waste resources to get a little more. But to make a friendship is to make an ally. An ally is a valuable resource.

I was playing on one server where 6 guys jumped one of ours. 6v1. They nearly lost. The leader (who wasn’t part of the gank) recognized the mistake his guys made. He returned the stuff they took, plus extra, and then begged to give more over time for assurances we would not retaliate.

His clan outnumbered ours 2v1. They could with a bit of effort trounce us. But he knew that the influence we had, the prowess we could display, all coupled with our proven determination would end very badly for his clan.

You just don’t find that kind of interaction or that respect on PVE.

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