Balance Rockslide Purge Opponent

This has been a consistent problem for my friends and me, because it seems they have both set up bases that have a one-in-three chance of getting the Avalanche of Rocknoses Purge. There are a myriad of problems with this guy. He’s absolutely massive, has long reach and a strong AoE, can teleport on top of buildings (obviously a bug, but it happens consistently enough that I think it’s just an actual ability at this point), and he’s probably one of the spongiest of damage sponges in the game.

How best to balance this monstrosity is obviously open to a debate, but I would suggest one or more of the following:
1.) Lower overall armor so that it doesn’t take forever and a week to kill him
2.) Decrease attack strength, reach, or both
3.) Increase cooldown for his ground-sweep attack to fix how he will just spam the move over and over
4.) Shrink hitbox/hit-detection for his average attacks, as they currently will always hit multiple targets

Feel free to increase the number of other mobs in his wave to maintain the overall balance of the Purge, but as it stands, he is a blight on an otherwise perfectly good Purge type.

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Use high armor penetrating weapons and he folds over. He has very little health compared to most bosses, and even less health than some normal NPCs.

The other purge bosses are actually a little tougher than this guy if you use maces/warhammers. You can use effectively iron tier weapons and take him down quickly. Using weapons like Musashi’s Black Blade, Worldbreaker, or other crazy high armor pen weapons will tear him apart.

If you see a rocknose purge coming you can even equip your thralls with maces, and watch it become the easiest purge in the game next to exiles purges.

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I’ll have to give that another try. I’ve gone at him with mace thralls before, but they got stun locked by his ground sweep attack. They did a decent amount of damage before expiring, but we still lost a lot. And every time we face him, our losses come from Rockslide and not any of the other rocknoses.

Your response about thralls getting stunned locked made me curious if there was any sort of pets that may be a better option. I took a quick 3 minute gander at the animal weapons in the item table (so this may not be entirely accurate). Unfortunately there isn’t really any animals with a decent armor penetration I could see.

Most were around 3-7%. Wolves are 9% and Sabretooths are 12%. Sabretooths might work, but you’d need greater ones to survive more than a few hits and they’d need to be leveled up.

Also this is about to get upended in the next patch as they discussed pets getting a fix to divorce their attack stats away from the wild ones.

I thought Frost Giants might be the answer, given their health pool, but they don’t have very good armor penetration and they can’t sunder. We lost two level-20 frost giants during a Purge, though we were able to finish that particular Rockslide off afterwards. Pets just don’t have the durability to take on Rockslide, so we’ve only been using them to take on the less mobs and having them retreat when it’s just Big Chungus. They help deal with the runts, but they can’t last against the alpha.

Usually I just send my bearer with 10K HP and 2000ish armor, and she can do whatever she wants, until she has the aggro on.
And I just shoot the rockslide to death. :laughing:
I don’t like this method of killing it, but as the OP said, the sweeping attack is the most common attack, probably 4 out of 4 is that. And it has a weird range, it can hit me even if its legs are meters from me. And I will be honest: I can not kill it while constantly being knocked down. If I manage to stand up and run to its legs, it starts over again. Dodging out and running back costs roughly the same amount of time as standing up, and dodging inwards worth nothing a lot of time because of the wonky reach of its legs.

As @Taemien said, it has low HP, its armour is decent, but not Thunderfoot-like, so option 3 and 4 would be great.

I don’t know how well Sunder will work. The big bad has around 7200 armor (~93% reduction), which will be dropped to 3600 armor (~88% reduction) with full stacks. The issue is maintaining those stacks.

Right now the best option is probably zombies with maces. At least until the patch hits. They have a stupid amount of health and armor and can use weapons. I recommend farming quite a few spares and leave them in a chest near a grave for when you need them. Probably not a bad idea for any purge to be honest. A cheap set of reserves in a pinch.

Another thing that works in my experience is using mounts. You can use hit and run attacks to survive some of those big hits. Just don’t get stuck on terrain.

When thralls didn’t suck, these guys weren’t a problem as long as you had them armed with maces. Now, you just have to accept you will need to sacrifice a small army to stop those monsters.

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