Balance with natural disasters

Since there are a limited number of official servers, after some time should have some kind of natural disaster to demolish all server buildings. This would give a chance to those newest players against formed clans who “owns” a server for too long.
A 10 active players guild claims all good spot in a server making almost impossible for a single player to have a chance. This could add some balance and time for everyone to upgrade and find new homes.

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Ew no. I have to disagree and I play exclusively solo. This is a terrible idea. We have decay.

Why should my out of the way base that took months to build all while being hidden , secretive and me avoiding stepping on eggshells…

get demolished because someone else has issues with an Alpha clan having a “sweet spot”

Fight them the old fashioned way. Do the work necessary to remove them.
Figure something else out.

Armageddon for all is stupid.


I could see [quote=“Candle, post:2, topic:81602”]Armageddon for all[/quote] having a place on some servers. RP servers that focus on months of construction wouldn’t be interested (as @Candle explains), but Purges were originally intended to be something like that – a massive army that marched from one corner to another, wiping the map (unless people worked together to ‘save’ a base or two). Unfortunately, FC discovered the limitations to the Unreal 4 engine would not allow them to pull off that kind of Purge; instead we get mini-versions where a number of enemies spawn near a base and path to it in waves (unless there is not path, in which case, they spawn inside),

But yes, bases were not originally intended to last forever (not even months). The constant upheaval and warfare were to add elements of survival to the game. One can only imagine what CE would be like if the original vision could have been possible.

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I understand it could be a wonderful idea for an RP server. I agree with that.

However the OP never mentioned RP.

They mentioned “clans” ect. So i have to assume this is a PVP server first.

I don’t think a new arrival should have “equal footing” when joining a new server compared to those who’ve grinded that server for 200 hours… or even 3000 hours. A clan rooted on a server probably has a collective 10 000 hours.

I would not appreciate a natural disaster after farming and planning for weeks to raid an alpha clan.

Making 300 bombs is difficult solo when you have alphas chasing you and breathing down your neck. Then to lose all that planning due to a natural disaster because some players aren’t happy with the first come first serve style of land claim…

That’s not fair to me. It’s the equivalent of me placing a bomb at one base, and it affecting every single foundation in the exiled lands.

Edit: The only potential reason to wipe a server would be to clean up duped timerless god coins… After they are 100% certain they fixed the duping exploits for infinite gods

If they EVER wipe our official server, I punch the first FUncom Dev I see at PAX.

We have spent over a year collecting stuff. Rare mats, rare thralls. Just to watch it all go away because someone thinks its not fair. Well too bad.

With 1000s of hours in, a wipe is out of the question.

For the noobs, its a freakin survival game. SO SURVIVE or DIE
We Are

Putting aside Unreal4 engine problems, probably Funcom discovered all PvE and PvE-Conflict players like us continue to play just because bases last forever and we never did if they could be wiped out.

Because if a player accept this it plays PvP not PvE or PvE-Conflict.

And obviously if you want to sell DLCs based upon building design, pet skins etc. you need a player-base like this buying them :wink:

Agreed. I think FC discovered a niche for CE that was unexpected. The popularity of base-building sandbox shifted the development direction of the game (much to the community’s delight – mostly… the PvP players mostly didn’t care too much for that).

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