Balancing of Endcontent

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Problem: [Endcontent Balancing]
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Hey folks,
first of all my english is not that good, but I will give my best to explain why I’ve wrote this.
In my opinion the Dev’s are not doing good in Balancing, so the game getting bored for everyone with max level 60.
My Clan have played in 1 Month 300hours and now its getting extremly boring because all dungeons are to easy to complete and PVP is not worth, If you raid someone he can easily rebuild the wall you have destroyed. If you put all of your stuff into a treasure it wont be attacked, because the treasure are to tanky(~85-100 jars) and they are cheap aswell. I have seen a lot things doing bad in this game and I hope you guys understand what Im talking about. I have done a list with things that makes the endcontet boring and in my opinion the big reasons why Conan is not more succesful than ARK and Co. . I WONT flame the Dev’s for not patching stuff into this game like taming, Im really fall in love with Conan, but there is nothing to hold me playing Conan anymore and I bet Im not alone with this choice. Conan has so much potential and I know its not easy to creat a game like this but maybe I can help you guys out,to find the main reasons why this game is not hyped. I know Conan isnt Ark but Arks endcontent is the reason why they still have 50k player every day, its not like Ark is better, there are just more endcontet stuff to do and the difficult is harder.
I hope the future will bring us more Fun for Endcontet.
Best greetings

Steps on how to bind Player for long time:

  1. Pls Fix the difficult of Dungeons, make the dmg of bosses more and force the player to take some preparing before he goes to clear the Dungeon. Fix aim of autoattacks from Bosses, they mostly dont hit.
  2. Pls do the same for Worldbosses, i mean u still can kill them easily with spikes.
  3. Pls Fix the renderzones for base, mostly the walls are the last thing popping up in front of you when u are scouting bases, so you can EASY see anything in their base, like how many thralls etc. it would make a big difference for PVP without that advantage.
  4. Fix treasure with HP, not even gods doing dmg on treasures, the materials for treasure are to less for beeing able to take the dmg of 85-100 jars.
  5. Pls Fix PVP, like if you are raiding someone, he cant instant replace the wall you had destroyed.
  6. Pls Fix combats, ONE OF THE BIG POINTS making this game boring are the combats in PVP, YOU CANT DO anything about enemies runnung away, of course you guys want to bring the bow back in game, but its still pretty useless no one will using bows because arrows are to heavy and bows needed to be skilled in skillthree to be usefull… there is to much things you need to care about, to be usefull with bows, the the explosiv arrows etc. wont change it because there will be still the weight of arrows. Attacks with gabecloser weappons wont change it too, the hitpoint or the aim of your attack are to buggy to hit somebody while running.
  7. There are no reason to raid someone, u wont have any good stuff to loot, some better blueprints you can find all over the map, would give raiding other ppl more sense, Legys are not worth at all, it makes more sense to farm your own legys.
    8.If you are able to bring out 70ppl server with the new map above the jungle, then there will be enough place for 70 ppl and of course if your servers are able to. Because right now if any big tribe is leaving your server there will be 1/4 less player on the server… just 1 big tribe can change the activtiy of any Server, your server can die in 1 day, I have seen this a lot because none player feels like hes bound on the Server, no important Stuff or Important things like your Level, you need one weekend for level 60… With Stuff u need to work hard for u wont even think about leaving Server.
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Good ideas :slight_smile: I share the same ones

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Thank you :slight_smile:
Im open for any ideas, it would be great to creat a Threat with all improvements.

It would be great too, if Funcom would change the recipes in Dungeons, like first kill the Boss of the Dungeon and then get the recipes as Reward, so you will have progress with you Level, not like yet just run into the Dungeons and click
p.s: and when you make the boss stronger (step 1.) you will have longer stuff to do (sorry for my english again :slight_smile: )