Ban for building


I ran into a problem yesterday, we got together with the guys in 6 people and played against a large clan, before moving from a secret base to the main one, I laid the foundation, at the same moment my future territory began to be adjusted from all sides by the same alpha clan, we fought with them for a week and generally defeated them, yesterday the admin demolished our base in the morning just like that! The alpha clan came running and said what a beautiful base we have now! Funkome guys, do you understand that your bans are constantly used as a weapon? If you would at least think a little, you could reduce the ban time for such building by 2 days or a week, our clan and I did not build up any important objects, we lived in the caretaker of the passage in the tropics at 6 O, can you be more vigilant? Do you understand that in the pvp direction this ban function, and even more so the duration, is just inappropriate? you have done the dilapidation of buildings 336 hours! They gave the players blocks from the battle pass that are 200,000 health each, while building an explosive in such an amount to blow up an enemy building that interferes is a big task. If you think about it and revise at least the ban system for building, then everything is very easy to do. Why are they banned for building for the same period as the most evil cheaters? I would understand if this happened intentionally, in order to block the players from accessing something, but in our case we lived at our base, we had our buildings there, our base, our resources, yes, before we moved the territory captured, but this is only because they didn’t want us to be squeezed by the construction of your own super large and expensive blocks, which you distribute to players for chrome coins. I think many will agree with me that you guys are working very badly in terms of bans, now they are actively only a few European servers, a few American ones, this is only with regards to the pvp aspect. I ask you to reconsider the policy of granting bans for building! This is too strong a punishment that discourages any desire to play conan. But we are people, we waste our time, we gather in groups of people, and you all at once, without even understanding, ban the whole clan. Then explain what is the point of playing honestly, not using different programs or not living in the texture, when even for fair play you get banned for the same period as other cheaters? Or do you have such a way of monetization? If so, then I’ve had enough, I won’t go back, I spent too much time and money on this game


Hi @nixard

If you have any questions regarding a Zendesk investigation or questions regarding the status of your Conan Exiles account, please make sure you reach out to our team over on Zendesk as they will be able to help you out further.

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