BAN HACKERS! Tired of it



and before someone says well you might see hacks but others dont, please i have played since launch i know what im looking for, also i have one video of a player insta flag capping in minis, i have him teleport into my room take the flag teleport for instant cap 3 times one mini, guess what, no ban…


Youtube videos exist. Deniers are like people who think the earth is flat, they’re morons.


Well I have seen YouTube videos of me “using comber”. I think I would know if I was using a 3rd party program and I am not. More often then not all those videos show is that the person recording them has a poor internet connection.


Well for one i have no idea who you are , 2nd i have 1 gb a second internet and 30 latency to the servers , comber is pretty clear to spot , wether you tell the truth or not on cheats im sure your honesty is enough for anyone in the online world , internet credibility being as high as it is on online forums lol.
There are lots of bad videos about though as well as very obvious ones , and not all cheats have to be comber there are other forms. But at the end of the day none of that is important , if funcom policed their server’s properly it wouldnt be an issue.


comber and is such a blatant hack that server side stat logging could catch most of them (if they fixed the broken way offhand crits are recorded) and an autoflagging system from that could’ve mostly eradicated the problem.


I’ve been playing this game since launch and have witnessed maybe 3 or 4 people using hacks all in all. I got a few of them on video but i couldn’t post them to the forum because of this silly anti name and shame rule. But i’m aware the hacks do exist. My take on it is this, i can’t do anything about it so i’m not going to waste any time crying about it. These hacks have never been a detriment to my pvp experience. If anything they were a silly thing to see. An assassin in tarantia commons running around like the flash when he thinks noone is watching late at night. A guy with the word troll in his name and a guild tag “can’t catch me” running around a minigame with the flag not capping it just running around like a jackass. During early launch days there were the players hacking that could teleport anywhere and the list goes on.

then there are the false accusations like demos with hands of the underworld, or barbarians running arcane marauder etc. I think the GMs just got tired of sifting through the rubbish.

Heres the bottom line. Funcom doesn’t have the resources to invest in active anti cheat countermeasures for this game and even if they did those countermeasures will likely be defeated as cheat coders are always quick to release updates whenever a new anti cheat is introduced. Anyone who has ever played online first person shooters knows what i’m talking about.

So do yourselves a favor and either play the game as it is or don’t. If you think cheating is really breaking your pvp experience i am going to have to call bs. I think it’s more attributable to a severe lack of skill and or knowledge of class and game mechanics. Especially where OP is concerned. the guy is like a statue in game. Literally stands there and dies. Keyboard turning all over the place and wonders why he gets beat down so badly and then cries “cheats”. It’s that sort of thing that makes it all so hard to take seriously.


While I don’t know much about coding, other games record stats closely and if Funcom had a system in place they could’ve eradicated the problem without much investment if they wanted. Data revealing player did x amount of white hits in a timeframe that’s not possible, or player moved from a to c instantly which shouldn’t be possible. And that’s really all you’d need, nothing fancy and AC doesn’t work in any game anyway.

You’re right, most of the time it’s not a problem, people are mostly either clean or if they are cheating it’s irrelevant. There is only a couple of players on Crom that were ruining games and I don’t know if they’re still around (I don’t play much and didn’t encounter them when I was last pvp’d in that anniversary month).


There are lots of people that dont know what they are looking for ,great examples in arcane maruder and hands of the underworld . Its also got nothing to do with the resources funcom have , i have nothing but legit videos of them clear as day sent in as they requested , if you request the videos of me follow it up , also it dosnt effect my experience as pvp is pretty poor now days , but just accepting it and saying it is what it is is a terrible attitude imo , i would expect more professionalism from a company big or small , take some pride in your product and and police the servers , a gm who takes notes of names and follows them once or twice a week unknown in minis with decent knowledge of what they are looking for wouls clear the server’s up , you don’t need huge investment to police your product… Claiming other wise is a lazy kop out imo…


Literally can’t play the game regardless because the server is dead from all of the hacking and exploiting. Fury can’t pop minis or do raidfinder anymore and its not because of honest players…


Fury is dead because it lacked enough players to do PVE. It has been heading this way ever since the addition of T4. you just weren’t around to notice. Before t4 everything was honky dory. Suddenly T4 weps were the best thing for pvp and pve, so many long time pvp vets decided to move to crom and get their own t4 weapons. and this continued on and on until fury became the ghost town it is today. sure it’s come back a little here and there but its demise was certain. I stopped playing on fury when saga was introduced and i miss it but like you said it’s dead and i’m not going to log on and sit around for hours with nothing to do. My leaving had nothing to do with hackers or cheaters. Just lack of players. you can thank the old dev team manager sirillion for the fate of aoc pvp. and the Saga of Zath for furys current state.

@itburns if the gms banned every player ever accused of hacking thered be noone left.


If the Gm’s know the mechanics of the game they will be able to tell between hackers and non hackers , i do not understand why you guys struggle to comprehend if they do their due diligence instead of talking it wouldn’t be an issue , Catch them in the act and boot them , Innocent till proven guilty, but its not hard to find the guilty if you actually watch , 3-5 people need to be gone, do not think that is going to break the game at this stage. Accusations are one thing proof of it is another…


@AndyB Any idea when we can actually see some results from you guys on this?
Watching the same person running around all evening with a petition in yet no GM answers what a surprise , Where is the pride in the product from you guys?


AOC is pitty dead. Only maintance mode and every wednesday Database backup.


Here we go again, another example of why the GMs can’t take the hack accusations seriously. None of the mentioned names are hacking. Well done.

And it isn’t hard to bug combo animations, among other things…


A few years ago, a player was boasting his kills from a mini in global. He linked a photo. When I looked at his photo his mini map had every player tracked like it does for rangers when they track 1 person. I sent the photo link to FC. No ban for the guy. So I blasted the photo link in global. Clear radar hack. I was banned for 3 days for posting the photo. The gent using the radar hack was never banned.


I wont mention names here, but i have clear video footage of players using teleport and comber on my youtube Chanel , funcom ask me to send these videos in which i did, guess what no bans, and it is clear as day…

Below is one of my best examples of catching someone teleporting in minis i sent this in to funcom and guess what they did nothing with it, yet they asked me for the video, at the time this was a well known alt of a well known guardian, after no action was taken he gave up hiding it, now he just logs into minis on his mains and has at it, as funcom do nothing…


all this time……. I was running the flag wrong


Burns, how many times over the years have we tried to fight the good fight only to see the cheaters back at it? Did this guy ever get a ban? How long has he been at it? Someone can say something silly and get a ban because another person gets offended, but this guy gets nothing???


did you watch the whole video? 3 insta caps, no one around to fear, and the first time when he teleports into the flag room on the flag right in front of me? you just trolling if you believe what you just said , did you read the conversation he also had with us in group chat, you just lost a lot of credibility with that statement …

He also goes under the map walks to the other side and comes up to cap, how many people that drop down do you know who manage to come up with the flag? Damn dissapointed, for all your pvp know how you come back with this sigh


As for videos, hell they dont care people hack, why the hell should they care if everyone sees it with their own eyes, like i said im sure they make $$ off of it.