BAN HACKERS! Tired of it



I dont know how the situation is atm since I’ve been gone from the game for too long but hacking accusation were so funny, I remember when I started playing my demo in pvp, there wasnt a single mini that I wasnt called a hacker, mostly speed hack and the best was the cc immunity hack.

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And they, in many cases show undeniable proof, and I know were sent to GMs and higher ups, and given that all of those players are still around unless they quit by themselves, it should answer any questions about whether Funcom cares about it or not.


When I played there were a lot of people that used cheat engine. It grew very annoying. Sure a lot of people that lack a certain understanding of the game might make a mistake but not all. All the “pro’s” with 30 plus kills per mini don’t have some secret magical skill level beyond the comprehension of “newbs”.

The solution is for funcom to have a cheat detection program and ban every single person that uses a 3rd party program. This should have been done YEARS ago, but from my understanding AOC code got super complicated so they weren’t able to establish it.


Cheat protections don’t work anyway. Hackers always find ways to bypass them. I gave up caring a long time ago. It isn’t worth stressing out over. There isn’t anything can do about it.


Hey, guys! Cheating and abuse of game mechanics are reports we take very seriously. Unfortunately we can’t be everywhere at once and need your help finding these cases. If you see anything suspicious please contact us at with as much information as you can provide. The more information we have going into our investigation the easier our investigation will be. Please clearly describe what is going on so we know what to look for. Please feel free to provide us with videos or screenshots so that we can see exactly what you are seeing. Thanks for your help improving Age of Conan!


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Common misbelief on the internet. This is not a public space, this a forum owned by a company. With clearly stated social guidelines, and a system that allowes users to flag posts. Not having the “freedom to say everything you want” is the point.
Further more the “freedom of speech” (regardless if it is true, faking truth, harassement, racist etc.) is a concept mostly used in the USA. Other countries allow a nonsense detector even in public spaces, and at least demand proof.


The social guidelines where followed, no abuse, no swearing , no calling out names or pointing fingers, nowhere in the guide lines does it say asking a question of funcom, in a thread created to “ban Hackers” which they have left open and unlocked is not allowed. The problem is to many people accept it. There is a problem with Hackers, 3-5 very well known ones who are allowed to carry on as they like with no repercussions.
So if they leave this thread unlocked and comments allowed why are the questions not allowed to be asked? The generic line of we take it very seriously when clearly they dont is offensive in itself.


I do not see FC deleting posts or denying to ask questions.
The posts are flagged by users and hidden, but you can click on them and read, them.
About the cheater problem - yes, there are some. Not many, but some.


The whole problem comes down to how seriously its taken, and imo it isnt very, we all get the same generic message, they asked for videos i supplied many many videos, no bans no action taken, even when you see people sliding around doing insane long combos like counterweight like they are not rooted to the ground and location, as well as seeing them teleport right in front of you, all caught on Camera as they asked and requested, still no bans… its about time they stepped up and followed through on the words they type… and as for not many, i agree probably no more then 5 obvious ones, then im sure some who tone stuff down, but those 5 or so do minis nearly 12 hours a day some days, thats enough to ruin many many minis with the population the way it is now days


and before someone says well you might see hacks but others dont, please i have played since launch i know what im looking for, also i have one video of a player insta flag capping in minis, i have him teleport into my room take the flag teleport for instant cap 3 times one mini, guess what, no ban…


Youtube videos exist. Deniers are like people who think the earth is flat, they’re morons.


Well I have seen YouTube videos of me “using comber”. I think I would know if I was using a 3rd party program and I am not. More often then not all those videos show is that the person recording them has a poor internet connection.


Well for one i have no idea who you are , 2nd i have 1 gb a second internet and 30 latency to the servers , comber is pretty clear to spot , wether you tell the truth or not on cheats im sure your honesty is enough for anyone in the online world , internet credibility being as high as it is on online forums lol.
There are lots of bad videos about though as well as very obvious ones , and not all cheats have to be comber there are other forms. But at the end of the day none of that is important , if funcom policed their server’s properly it wouldnt be an issue.