Ban in official pvp

hello to all exiled. Today I wanted to express with all of you the pitiful experience in the official PVP in which the admins without looking at the requests ban the calns for no reason. It is time that we make ourselves heard we have to say no to the direct ban in which they take everything away from you and ban you for months. Dear admin, a recall system must be introduced in which the admin warns that a player could be added a recall if he does not system within 1/2 days from the warning. and you can’t go ahead with direct bans. if you want to make this game live, you can’t go direct bam You admin are killing this game by banning at random without giving warnings or anything else BOM BAN !! of which and sees disappear all the loot that has been farmed in months / years without a reason. Please listen to me and don’t close my forum just because you are bored doing things right as you should


You can make a report to Zendesk to find out what happened and I guess make a plea posting in the Forum itself isn’t going to help. In the introduction pages you will find links to o Zendesk and also the TOS rules of the road on what is allowed on official servers. Welcome to the Forum wish you had shown up under better circumstances Good luck @Niko06

Hello @Niko06 ,

please use the Zendesk Form to apeal a Ban.

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