Ban on all servers(that i played on) and i dont know why

Guys, his Steamname from German translates to “hookers who do butt stuff”. I´m pretty sure he is trolling you.


Your in-game character name and your steam name…wonder why you got banned? :rofl:


you must be a joker/troll. Everyone can use google translate to see you are blatantly wrong

yes, i didnt get banned for names thats for sure.Whats your problem with my names?

Okay, now I’m intrigued. It definitely doesn’t mean that in “regular” German they taught me in school. Is it by any chance some dialect, like Bavarian or Swabian?

Sorry for the off-topic noise, but I’m a language enthusiast :slight_smile:

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It’s clear you are the joker/troll. Just switched the h for the r to mask it, kind of like saying arse instead of a** in English.

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The rest is still not German.

yeah i would like to see his translation too, word by word in detail

Ruan _ de_ ahschfig means "hookers who do the butstuff " in german, you realy think thats the case?And how is it a problem even if my steam name would mean that, maybe stay on topic instead of trying to interpret steam names that are definately not part of your business

there is no german word, these guys fantasizing because they think im banned for using a steam account name they dont like, its ridicilious, thats not how your buildings get deleted in this game, they need some lessons in logical thinking first

Dude, having that name doesn’t help in making a good impression with the moderators. And stop pretending, it’s a pretty obvious play on words. And #Codemage, it’s plain German, try saying it out loud.


Oh, crap. I get it now. Gotta hand it to him, that’s clever.

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you are not making a good impression in logical thinking and manners, you think im restricted in my steam name by funcom?Thats like saying that they trying to violate the law, nobody asked for you to call funcom criminals so do ourselves a favor and stop it

so its pretty obvious now that somebody played so bad that he made a body vault a few metres of his base and reported me because i got a big base that took a lot of time to build and he cant raid/ cant find a dumb body vault , he used funcom to destroy my base with the ban to get my resources . All this trashtalk on this topic shows how this community works against decent people

Or maybe it’s that the community on these forums has seen too many occurrences of people coming to cry crocodile tears here after getting banned for a perfectly good reason.

Personally, I don’t know or care why you got banned, but your behavior on the forums raises all the stereotypical red flags that those other cases do: spamming the thread like crazy, protesting loudly, being belligerent and even insulting to everyone, etc.

Do yourself and the rest of us a favor and use the Zendesk to ask for clarification and/or appeal on your ban, the way you’re supposed to do. We’ve got enough toxic crap on these forums without this.


Seems more like guys like you are just fast in projecting their shortcomings

Stereotypical flags (?).
spamming the thread like crazy - you guys are spamming my thread with irelevant “information” , speculating abut what my steamname could be in different languages, its not even my ingame name so completely off topic , off course you dont care because you only trying to go offtopic to find a reason to put me into a bad light

protesting loudly - yes i protest against spamming my thread with irelevant “information” which consists about speculating why i choose years ago my steam name or how somebody could interpret it in wild fantasy, completely irelevant

bing beligerent - i tried to get information here and JJdancer helped me, you guys did nothing but trying to be beligerent, yourself even stated that you dont care about the topic whatsoever and you want to stay offtopic no matter what

I dont care about you judging about toxic people in the forum, because you are toxic yourself and making a logical fallacy called guilt by association,im new this is my first post here and i lost like 300 hours progress, you to the contrary just wanna state you are pissed off because i didnt know what to do and you like speculating a lot about topics that you dont care about liek you admittet yourself
Maybe its time for someone to ban you of the forum, because i got in fact reasons here to do so, you on the other hand try to speculate about something you doesnt care about to spam my thread

He was obviously talking about the second h :man_facepalming:

Yeah it’s no regular german. I can’t tell you what dialect it is exactly but any german will understand what the person is trying to say with it and that’s exactly what @Uvi_AUT said

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its called argument from ignorance, and arschfig would be still no german word. BTW i can name my steam account however i want its not part of your business. So guys tell us your steam names so i can look in google translator if something vulgar sounds like it if i switch some letters and state the leftover combination have to fit some dialect.
Totally ridicilious, there was just a poor guy on the server who didnt like my big base and i found his body vault, he already flamed me with texts he left to read for everyone near my base, he used funcom to ban me to get his stuff back and insult me, because the criteria are vague about big bases to ban im already in contact with the funcom team, dont worry

Hey there,

Please get in touch with our team via Zendesk where we’ll be able to provide information on the status of your account and ways to appeal a suspension or ban.

Thank you.