Bandit Masks, player incognito

Could you guys add Banndit Masks? They dont give any armor but are for player base raiding or PK’ing so they cant see your player name unless they kill you and take ur mask off.

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I kinda like this idea.

Just seems like griefer protection.

Cover the head so they can’t know your face.
Can’t see your name, so all they have to go on is your gender and armor. Which you could use a different armor for griefing than you normally use.

Seems like that’s really all it’s good for. Something to let people grief you anonymously, to prevent retribution from a bunch of non-griefers banding together to hunt the griefers.

I’d rather it stay like it was. If you are going to go and try to kill someone else, you have to be able to face the consequences if you aren’t good enough to see it through.

And if you are one of those jerk players, you take your chances on people ganging up on you for your actions.

Ok so a comprimise to where bandit mask takes up head space and chest piece so the player misses out on head armor and chest armor. If you wanna survive on a PvP server u better be able to kill other players, including if they have a stupid mask on which just makes them easier to kill in PvP

Still, it just seems like something a coward would use, because they are scared of payback. There are no real benefits to having this other than that.

I like to think about options in games, you call griefer, I call roleplay, in everygame I play as rogue/thief/assassin but yet I im not toxic, I dont abuse or have bad behavior towards other players, I just like PvP, and playing a bandit on a Conan game doesnt feel wrong to me.

So why need mechanics to hide your identity? A bandanna to cover your face as an additional helm type would be nice, but the rest of it isn’t really necessary.

In roleplay, it’s metagaming to use the name floating over someone’s head to identify them. Always has been.

So you get something to visually fit your look as a rogue/thief, and griefers can’t abuse it because there are no associated mechanics to hide them.

If a game offers a layer of realism like “survivals” do, I don’t see why not having this feature if one desires that as an option, either one can choose to tell the name when meeting another player, or else, kill the anonymous to discover who their are.


Right? It seems extra savage to me. Plus taking up armor and head slot makes them WAY easier to kill in PvP. Maybe it can take up the body slot too because the Bandit Gear wraps tightly around the whole body with black cloth so you cant see any skin or boobs no matter what armor you are wearing. Like Theif Wrap armor.

Indeed, choices, if you desire to hide your identity, you will sacrifice armor. One head piece that I see this fitting could be the Skelos Cultist.

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Isn’t there a line in the settings menu where we can tweak this too? Name plates I think they were called. I have it turned off coz I hate them. :laughing:

The masks wouldn’t do any difference to those of us who play our games having name plates hidden. However, I love the idea of itemisation having properties that impact and possibly change our styles of approach. :heart_eyes:

I think op’s suggestion is the mask to hide nameplates no matter what your settings are for those.

A countermeasure then. Sounds good. An in-game item that has properties different from plain number game is always a welcome addition imo.

Full head and body cloak

I don’t believe that is possible with the current engine. Since every armor occupies it’s own slot, and adds visual detail to a character.

A head-slot mask covering your head is doable.
But a body-slot robe that disables the visual details of whatever armor you have on the rest of your body? I think that’d be a lot more trouble.

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