Banned after joining a established clan

I asked for help on my the server I play on over 6 months ago to help deal with a clan that was blocking off ob’s brimstone built a wall before noob river and no one ever did anything to them I joined a clan that had built a base inside the black keep I didn’t even know you could do such a thing and after being in the clan for 2 days I was panned from all public servers! How is this okay and what am I to do to try and appeal this ban as I had no knowledge of this build until after I was banned I asked them what happened and they said probably because we built in a dungeon. First of all how are you going to allow building in the dungeon and then ban people for doing it. Please any solutions would be great!

I can imagine that this might be harsh to experience. But how is funcom supposed to solve the problem? If they want to punish for building abuse they can only ban clans, not individuals…
You can read the “new” guidelines for this here:

for one:
“It also falls under your responsibility to make sure no one in your clan is abusing game mechanics”

but also:
" If you want to appeal a ban , you will first have to have read these rules and make yourself aware of them. Once you have done that, get in touch with us …"

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Thank you for the information I have read the guideline and have messaged the correct people thank you for your help

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