Banned for Landclaim

Hello a clan that I was in has gotten banned for excessive landclaim. And obviously this is affecting me also. How do I know how long I have been banned for? Anyone I can message to check this?


Inquire about your ban at the Zendesk. Select Ban Appeal as your request type, but you cannot appeal a suspension.

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Hi there should be an email in your inbox to reply to, also check the zendesk website for a way to request further information. Google “zendesk Funcom”.

It is usually 2 weeks. Just long enough for your bases to decay. I’ve been soft banned for landclaim before but that is not what I was going. I was building a base at the moment they deleted my blocks. One of my rivals from my server kept reporting my structures until it finally worked and then he came behind me and built in my spot. Shortly after I complained about him abusing the reporting system to steal my place the code of conduct changed. Our server was notorious for building walls around other peoples bases. Either way it’s easy to be banned for placing blocks and it usually is a 2 week soft ban. Can most likely log on with another account.

I suggest leaving that clan because no body likes block spammers. You will make enemies and eventually be banned again. Or I suggest talking to your clan and convincing them to stop spam.

It’s not a bad idea to log on with a new account and start building your own base and when you are finally unbanned you can invite your main account to the clan and transfer ownership.

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