Banned for what?

I was banned from official servers for allegedly harassing and harassing players. What!?
Al that was on my part was quotes from books and films about Conan, which they probably considered to be something like that.
And if some of my actions against players in pvp were regarded in this way, then I don’t understand anything at all.
I bought half of the DLC’s. Played 500 hours. Made a lot of progress in the game. I played the role of a worshiper of the gods, including in relation to other players, and as a result, for the first time in all 25 years of playing video games, I got this.

In addition, on the server, I actively helped newbies for free, and was extremely positive about any mass activities and was paralyzed to play together. I frankly do not understand what is the matter and why I, as a player, was put in such a situation. Ask anyone on that server anything about me. They will tell you who I am and how I treated whom.

My nicname is Амра and i payed on server PvE-C 1215 EC.

try to negotiate with zendesk good luck

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Thank you. I submit a ticket. I don’t know what’s going to happen next, but my attitude towards multiplayer games has already begun to change.