Banned from a server

Quick question please are we allowed to go on single player and use the admin mode to figure how to do a build then go to a pvp server and do the build you practised or so you get banned form the server as I can’t seem to find the server anymore?

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Well exploits are not allowed on official servers. You can do whatever you want on single player or your own server.

I just went to single player practised a build then when I logged on my server it booted me off and haven’t been able to see the server since. I was quick pushing the buttons so don’t know if I missed a banned message

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I was playing on a official server.

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Maybe that server is just down.

Hopefully that’s the case I need to be able to practice to stop me keep getting battered in this PVP when I’m a Newbie lol

No, going into singleplayer and back to a server won’t get you banned. That’s how I do my builds: design and test them in singleplayer, then go and build them the normal way on the official server.

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Well, until the servers attain sentience and start getting jealous, anyway.

“That singleplayer game means nothing to me baby, I swear!”


IF you are banned on a server the game will tell you that when you try to connect to the server you are banned on.


Yes like SirDave has said, it will give you a message when you try to join the server it won’t just make the server hidden to you. If the server isnt showing up in the server list then it is more likely that the server is down or having some other problem. Playing single player or switching between single and online servers is not going to get you banned, lol otherwise that would be a bit ridiculous.

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