Banned from Official Server 02/2021

Can anyone assist?
My clan has been banned from Official PvE Server 1018,
and there are only 3 of us in it.
We do not do anything that would break the rules, or even spirit of the rules of the game.
We play for a bit of fun, building and purges.
There is no undermeshing or anything like that by us being done.
This ban is very strange and random.

How do we get rid if it?

Thanks for any assistance!


Sad to ear :confused: Probably not the fast fix your are looking for but your solution is through sending a ticket to

They should at least provide to you the reason of the ban and maybe remove it.

The ticket system is quite new so I have heard that currently they are a bit behind the requests…

Good luck!

Hello Nethric,

For this issue you can go here: Submit a request – Funcom
Fill out the form and make sure the request type is set to Ban Information and Appeals (Why was I banned)
You’ll also need to add your steam id (a 17 digit string) in the Description of the issue that you are reporting text box.
You’ll get a response in 48h, which means next week as they don’t seem to work during the weekend.
Ban information requests should take less time to get a response since it’s all about relaying information back to the user.

Also, make sure to read the rules again:

Best regards.

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Hello! What is the clan name?

Hi @Nethric

Please feel free to reach out to us on our new Zendesk link.

We will do our best to help you out.