Banned from official servers for no reason

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I’ve been banned from 3 official servers that I can see, two of which I don’t even have a character on. The first I noticed happened after server restart. Offical servers 2805, 2205 and 2803

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.server restart
2.log in to ban

When Funcom bans, usually they ban from all official servers not just one which can probably explain why you can’t access servers where you have no character. You can play singleplayer and private servers meanwhile.

Im not banned from all servers. Just those 3. I went through almost the entire server list.

Like… Ban? You got a message? Or you can’t get in and assuming your banned?

@Hugo can I get a response to this ?

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your problem here is your throwing a fit on the forums where during a pandemic they are most likely short staffed. Its only been 22hrs since you posted as of my post (On a weekend)…

Why don’t you do the proper thing and email the actual support email the CE community cant help you so venting here and threatening the FC team only makes you not to get help any faster.

I understand the game is with it’s faults. Perhaps, they are going straight to the problem by cleaning servers that suffer from arrogant builders who believe they own the server for blocking major pathways and walling off zones as their own. We may all need to stop and look at who provides us with a great big game to play for under 100 dollars and has to deal with many different things. First off, the backside of understanding what development problems do come up when people can’t build a small base and be considerate of other players who want to enjoy the games beauty and not have to deal with some selfish persons giant base that is the size of sixteen 10thousand square foot buildings with land claim from top to bottom. They provide this great game with free online access for everyone. We are also in the middle of a major crisis world wide and they do not need to be chewed up and spit out by someone who can’t choose better words to explain how they are mad. If you hate the game to this point, why play it? If you didn’t do anything against the rules then be happy your a mistake.

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Hello @g00dfit3m8, to get information regarding bans or appeal them, please reach out to us privately as suggested in the guidelines:

Additionally, please understand that the team takes the weekends off which is why we don’t answer during those periods.