Banned... seemingly all servers even from a server never was on WTF?

Bug Description:

Try to connect:

Could not connect to server. User is banned from this server

Options: Ok. Report Official Server

If i choose “Report Official Server” goes to a webpage what sais “Dont used anymore”

If i try a brand new, never used Official server: the same result: i am banned

Why am i banned?
How can i get back?

Official server bans are applied not just to one official server, but all of them. To ask Funcom why they banned you, create a Zendesk ticket and make sure you select “Ban Information (Why was I banned?)” as request type.

This procedure is described in the official server rules. To avoid future bans, you might want to read the rules carefully.

Good luck :+1:

thx. i try that Zendesk

i know the rules and as far as i know i havent brake any of them… not even was online for 5 days :confused:

Are you in a clan? As the rules specify, if any clan member breaks the rules, the whole clan gets banned.

Or you have an old caracter in a clan on another server?

i was… till 2 weeks ago in a PVP server, then my clan members moved to a Siptah with character transfer i remained as only clan member and i leaved/forget that server for solo in PVE-C