Banned server 3151

I was banned on ps4 conan exiles server 3151 I need to talk with hugo hes one messeging my clan member I am the leader of the clan ? Who merged with soulsbourne and we created Darksouls. I understand the land claim issue but have are we suppose to know the limit for building? I’ve played for years and this is the first time this happen. Everyone always claims around there base for trebuchet now. We didnt grief anything no resources or bosses. Harassment I dont understand what do you mean by that? It’s a pvp server arent we suppose to attack each other? If that’s the case this all started cause Valhalla and black eagles were allied and teaming up on everyone in server my clan was 5 people they had 12 outside my base for 5 hours arrows trebuchet from the obelisk hit my base we defended and killed all we could was our best defense yet in conan. After that I asked my enemy anarchy to come back and I’d help them grow because the numbers were against us. Trebuchet are over powered and only way for protection is land claiming around your base. Our land claim didnt grief any bosses or resources and the bridge was base was soulsbourne and they barely claimed you need to recheck the land claim around there base most of it is black eagles and Valhalla. I hear some members of my clan have been banned before? Can I know who only one I know was mojo and he wasnt even the accused. Also the ddossers in your response you basically find us guilty already and I guarantee you it’s not my clan we were the ones most affected by it my members were always looted when we were kicked and we had to retreat. Also permanently banning my clan?? I’m sorry but that is stupid what even happen to warnings? Strikes? We were the first to complain about the lag in the server and we were ignored. I understand your over worked but come on this isnt fair.

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Hugo this is a message from Underdog14 leader of ? and Darksouls. I have proof on our defense that we didnt do anything outside the normal. Please message me and let me know. I have never been banned ever and dont tolerate cheating. To put it blunt if people cant handle the pressure of a pvp server on a survival game they need to move to pve.

Please get back to me.


the Rules are clear in this case

also beware of, if you want contact the Funcom Forum Support.

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