Banning for claiming? Really..?

I’m so damned pissed…

Dear Admin-Team,
lately you decided it’s time for implementing a limit on claiming / base-size.

ok - fine… yet it’s quite hard to tear down major parts of your base that was build BEFORE your new rule. Your game does not provide a proper functionality for “unbuilding” - it takes f***** ages…

So you delete our base - bad enough - and now I even get banned for that?

Are you crazy?

I invested thousands of hours in your game from Beta-version on - despite so many cheaters and glitches I stick to that game.

Why? Because I love it’s building-functionality.

That’s how you really encourage players - maybe it’s time for a new game?

Really disappointed!

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You can appeal bans through zendesk .

You should also familiarize yourself with the official servers terms of conduct, so you don’t get banned again.

Good Luck!

P.s. Just out of interest, do you have any screenshots of the offending buildings?