Banning people who use exploits/cheat

Banning people who use exploits. There is an exploit in the game that lets you fall Or somehow pass through the roof to get into somebody’s building. Now on a PVP conflict server that should never happen. It should never happen in general. There are clans using this exploits to break into peoples houses and kill them and take their stuff. Even the people who want to opt out of pvp portion for the day. But it seems as though you have no way to report these people. Now I don’t mind losing my stuff to someone honestly. You beat me you’ve earned the right to have my stuff. But I will be damned if I let a cheater get away with this. They deserve nothing. If you don’t get these things under control you gonna take what is essentially a good game and ruin it. Cheaters should never prosper. Oh and there’s a glitch when you fight the remnant. If somebody else enters the dungeon while you’re in there it freezes. And you can just hit indefinitely until you kill it. Without taking any damage.