Banning trolls from servers

Can you please do something about trolls!! Pleople are watching my twitch streams then using it to cheat on the game. Official Server 3208

It’s the streamers fault for streaming… it’s not cheating if you willingly stream… especially publically. This is a survival/war game… if you dont think that people are gonna see that you’re a streamer and not use that source to their advantage… you may want to reevaluate what games you stream. If my enemy streamed and I found out… I’d use that stream as a source of Intel too


Why should I? I streamed this game because it was new, because I liked playing the game! Why should my life be controlled by trolls?!

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If you willing put the source out there for people to use… cant blame no one but yourself.


There’s literally nothing that can be done about this, if the information you give out on a stream gives your opponents an advantage, that’s entirely on you. Just… stop doing so. Or live with the consequences.

It is honestly like there is a “kick me” sign on your back and you put it there yourself. Now what you need to do is create a stream of a prerecorded game session, so it shows you in a different place, then use that to make sneak attacks to your enemies.

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I’m sorry and no offense, but streaming this game on an official pvp server is a blatantly dumbass move. In a savage survival pvp game like this you are practically broadcasting your position in the clear for everyone to come at you, and they will. This isn’t a matter of pseudo criminality either for it doesn’t apply to a lawless savage video game. I’m sure however you can learn from your mistake and get better.

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Maybe you should check your privilege and stop enslaving thralls in a video game while you’re at it. Did you ever stop and think how problematic it is for men to be clubbing topless female NPCs and dragging them around in chains against their will? Yehh totally rape culture right there too. Or maybe this is just a video game set in a lawless barbaric setting. Eitherway watching a stream has nothing to do with rape IRL


I’m sorry, but this is completely different. This is more like posting nude pics of yourself in a public forum and asking people not to look at it - to respect your privacy.

In a player killer, thieving and slaving game, you just don’t publish your secrets for all to see.


Depends how they are “Trolling” and “Cheat on the game”.

If by “Trolling” you mean using hacks/exploiting bugs etc to ruin your gaming experiance, then I can understand, but you’ll need to provide names/what they are doing to cheat/explot the game etc.

If all you mean is that they are watching you show where you are & where your base is on a stream, then raiding / PvP’ing you non stop, then I’m afraid theres nothing anyone can, will or even should do to stop them. If you dont want people to know where you are/your base is, don’t blatently advertise that info to the world via a stream. If you wanna stream a PvP-conflict-raid type of game such as Conan Exiles, be prepaired to step up to the fact that everyone will be out to get you & know where you are/your base location/stat build etc in advance.

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I’m sorry, that’s unfortunate.

But you do have options to solve this. Either stream on a nonpvp server or play in SMP.

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Lol… that took a hard left … I’m concerned about you… and how you took it to such an extreme level lol… I’ll pray for you


My privilege is checked everyday by cops since I live in a squatted social center with an eviction threat since the dawn of Salvini at the minister. And that’s why I’m a toxic avenger in videogames ;D. I’m no SJW but I’m saying that 90% of the gaming comunity is composed of borguois who rant about morality when in real life they have no sense of morality. :slight_smile:

I cant help it, i am a ps4 streamer. There is no way to block or censor things via playstation. So why should i have to give up streaming Conan Exiles?

I have had to go on a PVP Conflict because of the trolls. I shouldn’t have to bullied into changing servers at all!

No-one says you have to. But if you don’t want people to find out where your base is or when you’re online, well… you should probably not tell them, eh? Or make your stream time-delayed or whatever… think outside the box

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Your attitude is all wrong

Yeah sure my attitude is the problem :face_with_monocle:

I was playing on this PVP server before PVP Conflict even existed. I streamed the game because people wanted me to stream it. So dont rell me its my fault for getting trolls. Why should anyone be bullied in a game when it is supposed to be fun!

I will give the same advice i gave my niece about face book.

She went into a rant on FB about how certain ex friends and eniemies were always in her business. I told her it is simple, don;t post your business, and they won’t be in it. She was 19 at the time. She actually listened. Made her life so much better. If one chooses to be in the public eye (streamers, social media posters, politicians, celebrities) then one should expect people that will be in their business. There is a limit (hacking phones, going thru trash, etc…), but in general it is the price of “fame”. There are no “free” rides so to speak with it. Don’t stream and enjoy the game. If streaming is the more important part to you, then find a different game or server type. Life is about choices. I choose to play Conan PVP. I hate when an alpha wipes my solo thrall wheel base. But in the end, if i don’t want that to happen, then i shouldn’t be on PVP. I should be on PVE-C. My choice. I am a glutten for puishement :slight_smile: