Barbaric Pandas: Mod load order help

I am struggling with my mod load order on my server Barbaric Pandas. I recently moved the server from a personal home server to a Host Havoc rented server and am struggling with stability issues when my home server (a notably older machine 7+ years old) had no issues. I am trying to iron out as possible problems as I can.

Pippi - Server Management
Savage Steel
Beyond Decor
Beyond Decor: Rustic Edition
Beyond Stations
Thralls Are Alive
Pythagoras: Expanded Building
Immersive Armor
Barbarian Barber
RA: Fantasy
RA: Character Customization
Less Building Placement Restrictions

Any help would be greatly appreciated, also anyone interested the server is PVP-C and open to anyone who wishes to play once I can get it stable that is.

Ok server seems to be stable, finally with this load order, but if anyone has any suggestions I would love to hear them

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