Base Building inside Well of Skelos Dungeon/Zone

I am on server 1974 ( PVP Oceanic Official ).

I noticed a large base being built inside the Well of Skelos Dungeon area.

I would suggest this is also possible on other officials

In the dungeon itself, when you jump down the light beam or at the area surrounding the dungeon?

I’m positive this will be addressed by Funcom. It certainly isn’t intentional and I’m pretty confident that the bases built there will be wiped.

I mean… its a very cool location… i’d build there myself… with the changes to lava it becomes much easier to explore and “discover” new locations we aren’t supposed to get to…

That is correct . Jump in the well and zone in. Go down the hill. Kill the npc to open the main doors. Go inside turn left and keep going. You can build a base to the far left up high.

yeh rip I found that base too, reported it to funcom before last patch but they never fixed it lol… conan exiles is seriously so broken on officials people duped god tokens, unlimited mats and people hide away in glitch spots and greif everyone, honestly I dont think the devs care because everyone I know who wanted to play conan like a normal person gets screwed over by exploiters and leaves the game GJ FUNCOM

Google Fly hacks conan exiles and watch his latest video on that volcano glitch spot, was even worse than I thought. OH btw some of the bigger conan exiles youtubers rely on exploits to play the game because you cant compete if you dont GJ ■■■■■■ again yes not early access for sure

Lol you think, that dungeon has been out for like a year now lol and people have reported this it must be VERY HARD to fix hahaha

Top tips, shame funcom have known for a long time and will just delete your posts now :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

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