Base deleted by "Admin" 1544

Hi. I ran a clan called Buy Crom Coins on 1544. I logged in today to find my entire base missing. Looking at the logs it was demolished along with everything we owned on the map by “Admin”. I have not been banned nor have any of my clanmates and all of our play was 100% above board zero cheating. I demand if funcom is going to randomly delete everything you own they owe you a damn explanation. I did not receive a single correspondence or message from any game administrator or funcom representative about anything. Just logged in one day and everything was gone. You know this game takes an incredible amount of time and effort to build up and survive on official servers, right!? We were going hard for almost a month and now everything is gone. I demand an explanation.


You can inquire about the action taken against your clan at the Zendesk. I realize that you said you weren’t banned but you can still choose the Ban Appeal category as corrective actions will not be discussed in the forums. Sorry for your loss, but I assure you that Funcom did not “randomly” delete your stuff.

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