Base destroyed with no entry point?

Logged on today to find our base total destroyed. We play on a PVP server so has happened before.

But this time all things inside is destroyed but there is no entry point??

My only thoughts are that it is the purge? But there is nothing in the log. And the purge meter is still full?

So we have no idea what has happened??

Did you build near the meteors in the north?

Could be a god?

Otherwise a person may have found a way to glitch into your base sometimes can happen if you have built on a hill and foundation didn’t snap properly.

Also could be as said above meteor shower but seems unlikely.

Nope its not in the north.

And there is no cracks or anyway i can see a way to get in.

I think it is the purge. But there is nothing in the logs at all. And its just seem really wird and the purge meter is still full.

Do you have some live Close to you? They mhigt got the purge and you got affected. and if the puge cant come normal way it are supose to be undead that come under the bace.

There’s always the possibility that it’s an inside job. Put your mates to the wall.

Ok, I think I found out what happened. But it does not make total sense. We got raided by the Alpha clan. I talked to them. Our base was in 3 floors in a temple. They raided it all. But i still can’t see how it all at the base floor was destroyed as they were not in there…

Some one can have sneaked in when a doore dod not Close behind you and he become trapes inside.

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