Base destruction with magic

I honestly can’t believe what they did to the game. Yesterday a person with a lightning spell destroyed a base that had to detonate thousands of bombs or use avatars to enter… and with three storm spells he destroyed it like nothing… hours of work thrown away by a spell . The truth is that I stopped playing it, I lost the sense of looting and building your fortress since someone comes and in two seconds destroys it with a storm without taking anything. When they change this tremendous error I will see if I return to the game, a shame what they have done.

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Thank you for the information, I will test it this week on my server :slight_smile: I am not sure it was intended that way…

apparently it was not internded this wat, but we are not sure FC realized what LS are actually doing on offi server.

watch the wrecking of all bases on a offi pvp server, this one ie

Conan Exiles Pvp- Wiping Out Official Server Alliance #2579 BØT KILL£RS vs All - YouTube go to 7.27 to see how balanced LS is, actual state of the game people without any skills can wipe and entire server

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