Base deteriorated in 5 hours

Hello I am having a problem that is yesterday I was building a base on a tree in the swamp on the server 1995 latin america and yesterday at 18:00 I was online and at 22:00 the base deteriorated all and lost several days of mine and my clan’s farm.
if I helped I took a picture of the log with everything gone and the hours that occurred

Hey @Rhorany

Welcome to our community and apologies for the frustration.
Depending on the size of the base and how it was set up, full decay might not apply to all the pieces which could explain this situation. Does the event log mention any loss of stability as well?

hello thanks for having me here.

The log mentions that three pillars were abandoned, and after that many pieces became unstable even though they were attached to the new expansion paltaforma as if everything were connected to these 3 pillars. next to this base was placed a map using the old parts and it did not happen

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