Base disappearing when loging back in

Game mode: [offline | Singleplayer]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: uk

Loged in and may base had disappeared, days of building gone. all the thrals where they would have been if the structure was still there. All item’s where in sacks
The island (Teliths island) had reverted back to how it was before I started building. Admin used to build and decay turned of, this takes loging out then back In for it to happen. This has happened before but I was able to get the base back by downloading the save file but now it has over written that. Not sure how to stop this from happening. Loging out to main menu hasn’t worked.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.log In
2.edit building
3.log out
4.log back in, base gone

There are some other threads with people having similar problems you might want to check those it was offline game.

Hi @Nthguyver, welcome to the forums!

Are you playing solo or coop, and did you experience any crashes?

How do you usually exit your single player sessions?

Were there any messages in the event log?

Playing co-op mode, exiting to main menu with no crashes and nothing in the event log.
On further test I found it seems to only happen with the arena building set.

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