Base Game Overhaul Ideas

Armor - Change all craftable armor sets in game to be able to use a multitude of different linings, 2 types for Regular armor and 10 types for Epic quality Armor.

Non-Epic Armors - Craftable Non-Epic Armors including the DLCs would now instead require one of two new linings to craft. Each weight armor would have 2 types so for example Light Armors would require either “Light Fur Lining” which would turn any armor crafted with it into having a Cold Resistance stat. So you could make something like COLD resistant Darfari Armor ECT OR “Light Silk Lining” which would allow you to make something like a HEAT resistant Zamorian Thief armor. Essentially this would allow any armor crafted to become whichever Temperature Resistant armor the player wants, even if it costs more than it does now. This would INCLUDE all religious armors and hidden recipes (Hyena Armor, Relic Hunter ECT)

Epic Armors - Epic Crafted Armors including the DLCs would have a total of 10 lining possibilities each Light, Medium, and Heavy armor for a total of 30 craftable Epic Linings. They would all have the “Fur Lining” or “Silk lining” but with a twist. For Alchemical base and various other medium-rare quality materials you could choose which STAT to affix to each individual armor piece. Whatever stat value a specific piece (head, leg, ECT) has the actual stat boost value would NOT change but you could craft something like an Epic Silent Legion armor set with ALL Strength, or ALL Vitality, and make it COLD resistant instead of HEAT or mix and match depending on what you decided you wanted for that particular armor set.

Weapons - add a feat called “Reforging” which would be a somewhat lengthy process. The idea is take ANY type of weapon from a specific class (i.e. daggers, 1h swords ECT) and for a cost, “Reforge” it to look like ANY weapon from the SAME weapon class. So you could “Reforge” a Havoc And Malice to look like “The Glasser” or forge a 2h DragoneBone sword to look like a Sword of Crom or Papyrus Blade.
However, among other required resources, you would need 1 fragment of Power and have to have a Physical copy of both the Item you want to Reforge AND the item you want to Reforge it to look like.
No stats, durabilities ECT would be altered during this process, only it’s physical appearance. The repair cost on the reforged items, however, would adopt the HIGHER of the two repair costs - so if for whatever reason you decided to make Steel Daggers look like Havoc and Malice, the repair cost of the reforged item would cost the materials to repair an actual Havoc and Malice instead of Steel Daggers. Upon finishing the Reforging process, the completed reforged weapon would also have a name change to include the original weapons name so something like - “Reforged Ancient Daggers” on an Ancient Dagger that was Redorrged to look like a Whirlwind Blade.

Crouch Rework/Stealth? - As of now all Crouch is good for is avoiding falling from a ledge if you don’t take damage. Id like to see crouch becoming more useful for stealthing around in PvE and a mechanic added that for Daggers only, giving a critical strike chance or a damage buff for the first attack if you do it while crouching and land it - be it crit strike or a damage buff for the one attack would have to have a cool down so it couldn’t be abused. Have it show on the status bar as a debuff so you see when the cool down resets.

PART 4) Thralls / Pets

Thralls AND Pets - Add options to the wheel for “Passive” “Defensive” and “Aggressive” settings.

Passive - Pet or Thrall will not attack anything for any reason, even during Raid Timer or PvP

Defensive - Pet or Thrall will ONLY attack YOUR current target of locked on as first priority, second being anything you’ve recently attacked, and thirdly being anything that has recently Damaged you or is within melee distance of you.

Aggressive - Pet or Thrall will attack anything and everything within it’s range unprovoked, be it player or a.i. BUT will divert its current target to anything within range that does you damage - once it’s dead, it goes back after anything nearby but will switch again if something harms you.


Bearers - for Bearers add an option on their wheel to “autoloot” any nearby corpses and maybe even “autoharvest” any dead animals that you kill while it’s on follow if you put the proper tools on them.

Archers/Fighters - Some sort of setting or command that can dictate which weapons to use and in what order if they have multiple on them - even to the point of setting “conditions” for the use of different weapons i.e. telling a fighter that has daggers and a sword to stack bleed and then swap to the sword ECT.

Building - Add 1 wide by 2 tall windows, and the option to craft glass panels to put in all types of windows that can be broken by x amount of damage and repaired - but before the window is broken you cannot loot or interact with anything on the other side of the window. Also add an option to “stain” the glass with dyes while crafting the panes and add different styles of stained glass to place in the windows. Maybe even make some new wall options that the entire wall could be a pane of stained glass with Intricate art and designs so you could, for instance, build a cathedral of some sort with stained glass windows ECT.

Cosmetics/Decorations - Benches that can seat more than one person


Add walls with hidden levers that can open and swing inward or outward the entire wall - maybe with the option the use a torch or other item you place on the wall as a trigger to open the door

Book Cases full of books

Thanks for reading - I’m hoping to get some feedback for the ideas I posted so feel free!

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