Base is breaking upon login

WTF Funcom??? I play on official server 1514 pve, and your $#!7 is broken!!! This isnt a bug its F***ing broken!!!

I added several hours of work and mats to my base on 6/18/2018 and when i logged in on 6/19/2018 a major portion of my work and mats for my Black Ice base self-destructed. Why is this game so f***ing broken???

This is the second time that this has happened in the last week!!! This $#!7 is ■■■■■■■ me and countless other players off!! How about you get off you ■■■■■ and stop working on cosmetic DLC’s and fix your F***ING GAME!!! We dont want DLC we want the finished game that we paid for!!!

If this #!7 isnt fixed now, I want a refund for this piece of #!7 game!!! Fix it now you f***ing idiots!!!

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