Base Structures disappearing

some base structures disappeared on my co op game and thrall too …major problem with bodies disappearing when die…losing all gear…The game is amazing just needs tighting up:slightly_smiling_face:

Just being curious person, by “co op game” do you mean private server or single player?

,it has the co op option in the game…so I guess private server also…

I’ve twice built round floors on top of pillars, only to have them vanish entirely when rebooting after the server crashed. The building the pillars were on was still there with changes made at the same time.

I’ve had this happen to me before. The game loads the stability of the structure without support beams first. Also, if you’re using the newer support beams, diagonal and vertical (the one that places on walls not in the middle of the structure), they don’t work too well.

So you look like you’re confused a bit on the game mode. Both a private server, someone is paying for, and single player, there is a host that all friends have to stay near (the tether), are co-op but widely different. In a private server an admin can adjust the decay timer for the server and the world is persistent even if no one is on. But in single player everything stops when the host logs off.

P.S. Could it of been the purge if you’re on a private server?

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